Dinner Partners

Dinner Partners

We know that a great night out always starts out with a great meal first. So we have teamed up with some of the other businesses on the mountain to provide you will some dinner options before the club that are custom made for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Casey’s Tremblantcaseys


Casey’s is a favorite of all the staff here at the Cafe. It has a lively and fun atmosphere, a wide range of amazing food, and some of the best and most friendly service on the mountain. They have created an amazing bachelor(ette) dinner program that is sure to provide an amazing start to your night. The program has custom fixed price menus with tons of options, so just like here at the Cafe, there are no surprises and you can plan everything ahead of time, and when the big night comes just enjoy the ride. Take a look at the Bachelor and Bachelorette menu’s here:

If you would like to reserve for the night, please contact Tyler@caseystremblant.com – 819-681-4601.

Ya’ooo Pizza Bar


  1. Take our option: Want to party in your condo/chalet before coming out to the club. Make it a party to remember by serving the best pizza in Quebec! Our partners at our favorite restaurant have provided an amazing deal to all our bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you would like to make a take out order before coming out to the club you will get 20% off your entire order. Given the fact that Ya’ooo already has some of the best food prices on the mountain and certainly the best pizza ever this is an amazing deal and a great way to start your night if partying at your place before coming out.
  2. Dine in option: Ya’ooo has one of the most festive atmosphere of any restaurant on the mountain. The staff is sure to provide you with a wild experience at the restaurant before we provide an even more wild one at the club. It is a great one two combination. If you would like to eat at the Ya’ooo (right next to the club) before coming out to the club your group will get a free round of shots for everyone in the group and the bachelor(ette) will also get a free drink!

If you would like to reserve either of these options please contact us and we will be happy to set it up for you.