The Devil’s Circus Halloween 2016

The Devil’s Circus Halloween 2016

October 29th 2016,  8pm-3am

Join us for our biggest, most twisted, sexiest, scariest Halloween party ever! The circus is coming to the Café, but like all of our parties this is sure to be like no circus you have ever experienced. Half demonic circus, half freak show, it will be the darkest and most twisted Halloween you have ever had.

Because this is our absolute favorite night of the year we are pulling out all the stops; complete with:

  • All staff dressed as the sexiest & scariest circus performers you have ever seen.
  • The entire club, inside and out, transformed into the world of the Devil’s Circus
  • Special performers including the devil’s contortionist, the devil’s trapeze artist, hell’s strongest man AND the smallest surprise we have ever had at the Café that we promise you will not want to miss!!!
  • The Devil’s Circus kissing (killing) booth
  • The legendary DJ Martell
  • Tons of surprises…..

Don’t miss our favorite party of the year! Arrive early to increase your chances of getting in! See you all on the 29th…