Cafe D’éPoque opened on October 15th 1994. Over the past 15 years the Cafe has under gone many changes which have all contributed to bringing the Cafe to where it is today.

Tremblant Nightlife – Early Years

From the early years of the Café all the way to present day, the Café has always been known for it’s wild fun filled nights in Mont Tremblant.  Early years saw many creative and unique party ideas and events which to this day are still talked about by the locals and long time regulars of Tremblant.  As the years have gone on in order to meet the demands of its clientele the parties, along with the Café itself, have gotten bigger and more wild.  Today the Café has evolved into a full out night club and is known as the wildest bar on the mountain and the best in Tremblant nightlife.

Tremblant Nightlife – New Life

In 2008 two dynamic new owners joined the Cafe team.  Over the Past 4 years Jimmy and Gulliume, two long time clients of the Cafe, along with the original owner Patrick, have made major improvements and upgrades to the Cafe.  Installing state of the art sound and lighting systems, building unique new bars, expanding it’s size; in addition to having created exciting new parties and nightly themes, they have managed to breathe new life into the Cafe and brought the club to 2012 and beyond making Café d’Epoque the best place for Tremblant nightlife.

Central Tapas & Nightclub
119 Chem. de Kandahar,
Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1T1

Open: 03:00 pm – 03:00 am